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With our entrance into college, we had plenty of time after our college hours and self-study which were filled with play and sitting idle. We were motivated towards the utilization of leisure hours for some productive work by our parent and also by father's friend Sri K N Lal who used to Visit us frequently. We started dreaming for what to do. Coming from a background of father's life which was full of struggle for coming out from the poorest family in our native place in Darbhanga, who had to struggle for every meal, to the status of entering into Government service was a big milestone. Our father Dr. B. Sahni earned reputation for his passionate life as Homoeopath and discovery of Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy from a distance. Suggestions came out with attention towards the need for remaining in learning and education to establish a printing press. With getting finalized with selection our uncle Sri K N Lal helped in getting registered as small scale industry in name of Tarang Press and Publications. Suggestions for having Tarang in the name was greatly inspired by our father’s discovery of transmission of Homoeopathic medicine from a distance where medicine were like waves. We brother Dr. Mridul Kumar Sahani and Dr. Mukul Kumar Sahni decided to run a printing business as partner during our leisure time.

Now the biggest hurdle was to get the initial investment. As our parents income was just sufficient to manage the family, he was able to contribute only Rs.5000/- during those early days in 1976. This money was just like a drop in the ocean even to start very small business. We were suggested to get a bank loan. With continued support we were introduced to State Bank of India, Boring Road branch in Patna. Bank manager was very much suspicious about viability of the project as printing industry were coming up as mushroom growth everywhere. But seeing us most enthusiastic he sanctioned small amount to procure our first treadle printing machine along with paper cutting and other small equipment. For types settings also we got working capital loan. After the sanction of loan we met prominent machine supplier of town Late Vinod Luthra. Seated with him we were attracted towards another mini treadle machines but finance was the hurdle. Mr Luthra came to our rescue by giving it to us on payments on instalment basis. He also visited our house and saw the premises to be too small even to accommodate these initial machines. He came out with suggestions to install the printing machine in a small outhouse which was meant for our camp for construction of residence and other equipment of type settings in a garage meant for car. With solutions coming out machine were finally installed. It was just our dream getting realized and with all set final opening ceremony on Vasant Panchmi day our small industry came into existence.

Now the real struggle began with procurement for job work as it was already apprehended about the competition. Teething problems of managing for the staff salary and raw materials specially papers were the biggest challenge. Gradually with support from family friends we started getting job. For the supply of paper we are indebted to Late Keshar Deo Khemka, Proprietor of S R Trading, who provided us with supply of papers for our needs on credit basis. Even with delayed payments he didn’t stopped supply. We moved every prospective clients. Later on we were able to get our unit empaneled with different department of Government and banks. With our untiring efforts we were able to convert the small hut shaped room by constructing a big hall. This gradually roused up to become a two storied building.

Tarang Press and Publication was now elevated to the status of Company with Dr. Mridul Kumar Sahani as Director and Dr. Mukul Kumar Sahni as Managing Director. Earlier our Mother Dr. Sumitra Sahni continued as Director till the end of her life. It was her contribution of providing motherly care and blessing today we have achieved the status of multiple services in printing industry under single umbrella. Dr. Mridul Kumar Sahani with his added responsibility of tradition of our father‘s discovery got fully engaged in Research, Academic and clinical activities of Homoeopathy and discovery of Drug Transmission for a distance yet he continued serving as Director with all advisory support

We were constantly working for up gradation and continued setting up new machine of the time to the present level of having multi-coloured offset machine. With entrance of computer we also upgraded to install them and adding on with every generation of computer age. Today we have enabled ourselves to provide every solution for printing and packaging requirements. To thrive for the excellence in services had only contributed to come up as most premiere printing industry of the area.

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